About Us

What we do

… A collective of Technologists, with a common shared passion and pursuit:

Uniting the Heart of Humanity with the Gift of Technology

… Its our mantra, our calling and foundation of all interactions with our clients. Technology was made to serve man, and we have enabled organizations of all sizes and industries to achieve a successful intertwining of their technology where time, money and operational costs are drastically cut, or opportunities for revenue surfaces.

To achieve this, we primarily operate as a consultancy, open sourcing where possible technologies from our battle proven technology stack, while assisting those who want to embrace the technological age. The primary benefits of engagement with us are as follows:

  • Artificial Intelligence Experts with a deep understanding of Machine Learning & Business applications
  • De-coupling of critical services allowing a hybrid cloud approach to all services with maximum uptime
  • Agnostic software infrastructure approach & ability to run your code anywhere
  • Internet of Things specialities
  • Serverless wherever possible for operational cost efficiency.

From our years of high quality delivery, we have built and released four open source frameworks which have all been battle tested in production systems and are our primary recommendation to clients wanting to leverage the power of the technological age.

Journey for the Impatient

… Our ‘unofficial’ journey began in 2003 when Keidrych was tasked with a massive challenge of creating an Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Financial Markets. After living and breathing for 187 days in total isolation: heavy mathmatics; engineering; esoteric approaches; and ultimately divine insight 2.5 years later an Artificial Intelligence was born, and the first brick in the path to founding a revolution in technology’s interaction with humankind was placed.

Fast forward to 2014 and ‘officially’ Taylored Technology was formed

Journey for the Curious / Major Achievements

2006 Artifical Intelligence

… Life starts for us all, and for this Artificial Intelligence, it was when code optimisations were applied to bring a real-time FOREX analysis market system to reduce boot time by 50%. The result was able to understand the underlying mass emotional and psycological approach we all use in trading.

This Artificial Intelligence was then able to augment any trading system through an projecting forward the optimum price to buy / sell based on the time of the traders trading decision. Overall result would be ~10% greater profits from any applied trading system.

2008 National Australian Testing Authority (NATA)

… Redux and compact the Artificial Intelligence applying it to the challenging situation of continuously drifting 3 Phase Power Meter Calibrations to solve the question: At what point is a meter out of calibration from the normal aging process? NATA accepted this solution.

Enter our first Government Level Recognition

2011 Smart Metering @ PowerCor

… GreenField environment, operating in the early Internet of Things (IoT) space with $300 million total project budget and only 5 people accross all companies in the Australian Energy distribution sector selected. We were one of those 5 people.

All electricity meters in the entire state of Victoria were being replaced, and the underlying technology needed to be reliable, needed to be vendor agnostic and financially sound. While not in the Artificial Intelligence space, a deep understanding of the potential and application of Internet of Things to the comming world was essential. Additionally the thoroughness of the technological investigation required a hands on 6 week partnership with the vendor SilverSpring Networks.

2011 IoT Take Two, Mobile Gaming

… What does a handheld device really do? How do humans best interact and accept them as part of their daily lives? Is it really possible that Artificial Intelligence could be used to serve humankind? These and many other questions plagued at the root of our technological clarity. And so Ahasai Designs an early incarnation of Taylored Technology was created, allowed to be set free too early and floundered.

Our major achievements centered around speed of delivery and rebuliding a graphics engine to enable what our industrial peers considered impossible at the time. Dynamic Pointlighting on an iPad 2. (Something that we all take for granted these days)

2012 Horoo (Qantas Group)

… Advancement requires sacrifice, and a journey into the far reaches of back-end systems. Ruby was the language of vogue in Melbourne, and performance optimisation of web systems became essential. Pivitol in introducing Splunk into the company, our deep data analysis skills enabled discovery of profit leaks in the customer conversion funnel.

Our first DevOps tool was also released, allowing PCI & PII Compliant synchronization of Production Data Models against Development database schemas. Saving ~30min of development time per agile story.

2013 Web2.0 GTLD

… Take the internet apart and you end up with two primary services: Email & DNS. Without them everything becomes nothing. So why not build a framework that enpowers developers to build upon and removes the boundaries in communication between testers & developers? That’s exactly what we did, and it was used for the next 5 years (that we know of) to ensure Australian & managed Subsidaries of the new GTLD domain names were fast, accurate and effective in being served their relevant DNS entries.

2014 Big Data Warehousing

… In an era when we as people were struggling with identifying the line of demarkation between Data & Big Data, analytics, data quality and wide pipes all became normal talking terms. This $16 million project with CGU Insurance (part of Insurance Australia Group) centralised and streamed every piece of decentralised customer information collected from 1970 to present (from a still running 1970 mainframe). We standardised communication between teams, and began the journey of introducing more powerful analytics and business intelligence tools into the relevant departments.

We were also consultants on the usability and challenges interfacing with the business streams for CGU’s first Mobile Application

2014 ‘Official’ Founding

… Armed with a thorough understanding of human interactions with technology, we officially came together under the common brand of ‘Taylored Technology’ confident that the future would hold a place for Artificial Intelligence.

So we built a platform… a mechanism of an exercise in efficiency in the cloud.

2014 WordPress @ LightSpeed

… Imagine a growing ecosystem of applications used in harmony to succeed in business. (Yes it still applies today) then imagine a platform with 100+ plugins to enable these services, all updated on different release cycles under constant threat of hacking and attack. Then finally imagine this application on 160,000+ lines of code with the optimiser unable to keep everything in memory.

That was the world at this time, all the largest WordPress hosting companies used the same approach. Use a larger hammer if the server is struggling, make it bigger and cache where possible. Ultimately the hammer wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand

We flipped this world upside down by using tiny servers, tonnes of them, to decentralise dependencies and ensure uptime was maintained and traffic scalability wasn’t an issue, we didn’t restrict our customers from using the plugins they needed. We gained speeds 20x faster than our competitors, then we pulled WordPress apart at the core and raised the performance to 50x faster than our competitors. We lived on the edge of technology in this ecosystem, and thrived serving 2.5Billion uncached & dynamic unique pageviews a month per site.

  • We were seen on Australian TV Channels: 10, Eleven, & One
  • We used containerization for everything, adopting Docker a month after its initial release

2015 Enterprise & Mobiles

… A door was opened, an opportunity to enter the Enterprise Market in a strong way working with clients througout Asia Pacific such as:

  • CIMB (Malaysia)
  • NTT Docomo (Japan)
  • NTT Data (Sapporo Japan)
  • IBM (Japan)
  • Acrodea (Japan)
  • National Australia Bank (Australia)
  • ING Direct (Australia)
  • (Non-Exhaustive List)

But pursuit of this opportunity required a move away from the Small to Medium Enterprise focus and so we passed the implemenation of our infrastructure technology and clients to those we trusted.

we shifted to consulting, determined to share our knowledge with the world.

2016 Return to AI as Machine Learning

… Thanks to the massive efforts of Google and Microsoft in promoting Machine Learning as a solution to many of the undiscovered problems in Information Technology & Business. The world at large was catching up and becoming ready for a re-introduction of Artificial Intelligence.

We delved deep into the darker side of customer marketing identifying the fine line between helping customers and invading their privacy. And developed Machine Learning Algorithms for

  • Anonymous Identification of website visitors, tracking across multiple devices with rapid marketing demographic segmentation
  • Multi-Channel marketing attribution pipelines able to identify exactly what assets should be boosted for optimum customer conversion with fiscal efficiencies and baselines
  • Market driven content aging. No more create a piece of content to consume on social media and keep recycling hoping it works, Machine Learning would identify the exact point when it should be retired.
  • Real time streaming data for Machine Learning

2017 Containerization

… Infrastructure provides the backbone of everything. From when a Developer first decides code is ready for release until the customer shares their experience with the void. Infrastructue is the silent hulking beheamoth ensuring everything moves and its place in the world is shifting and changing to front and center of the software development lifecycle.

To support our primary focus, we are cloud agnostic, but not ignorant, some clouds do outperform others in all the major areas of cost, efficiency speed and reliability. It the same with Containerization, some approaches are fundamentally better than others and things that work well for SME probably don’t for enterprise.

So we sought to change things, to make applications truely agnostic to infrastructure and open sourced our tech stack.

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