If time; money; operational costs; or efficiency are some of your major concerns then we can help be your technology enabler. We’ve helped companies of all sizes from micro business through to major international enterprise with their Technology challenges. Everything we do follows basal NextGen principles.

Our ‘A la Carte’ menu of NexGen services is as follows:

Web & Social Optimization

… Built on over 15 years of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experience we strip away the complexities of understanding the technical aspects through detailed reports & technical step by step recommendations to fix issues enabling business to hold their current SEO company accountable for their work. We empower you in all areas of Internet Marketing; Social Metrics; Marketing Analytics; Link Building; & Site Audits through a dedicated customer portal and report.

Machine Learning

… In 2003 we created an Artifical Intelligence for Foreign Exchange; in 2016 through Machine Learning we empowered marketing companies to recognise repeat anonymous visitors from multiple devices (Mobile, Web & TV) while enabling multi channel attribution across social networks. We love the difficult challenges & fretting out the hidden meta-data relationships.


… We built a Micro-PaaS (Micro-Platform As A Service) from scratch, we did it using containerization, and we adopted Docker directly into our technology stack a month after its public release. From there we’ve helped many clients strip away their infrastructure complexities ensuring their applications can be deployed on demand, are secure from a infrastructure level and scale at all levels rapidly.

Real-Time Big Data

… Data-warehousing, image storage and analysis, and large scale analytic operations are excellent introductions to data management, but when you up the anti ‘Data Lakes’ are needed with ‘Rivers’ of real-time data streams analysed via machine learning and persisted for future queries. The technology was developed for storing Hadron Collider sensor information with epic implications in business analytics

Robotic Quality Assurance

… If your developing software, then chances are you’re using some for of CI (Continuous Integration) approach and possibly a form of CD (Continuous Deployment), but could your approach handle daily releases? Does it require servers to be operational 24×7 when they are only used for CI or CD a few minutes a day? Imagine a world of cost savings where code flowing through your pipeline moves fast, is able to be debugged reliably and with absolute minimum infrastructure cost through per second billing on uptime.

Multi Cloud Architecture

… Sometimes one cloud isn’t enough, sometimes one cloud provider isn’t enough but the complexities of linking multiple clouds together from different providers such that they act as a singular application layer for deploying & maintaining application uptime while enforcing the highest performance for users world-wide can be more than a little daunting. We do this regularly, and our client list contains some of the largest enterprises in a variety of industry sectors

WordPress Maintenance

… If your not aware, nearly 60% of all CMS (Content Management System) based websites use WordPress as their platform of choice. The list of things that can go wrong are more than a little daunting, and we’ve stared them all down. Our clients don’t lie awake at night thinking about what could go wrong, they just focus on their core business and we fix / maintain and look after the rest. In fact most clients using our Maintenance service also use our SEO services.

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